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S.C.O.R.E. [Street Car Oriented Real Estate] BOARD

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There are over 80 acres of land and many buildings and structures within 2 blocks of the coming Atlanta Streetcar route considered underutilized. These properties represent significant opportunities for Transit-Oriented Development.

I office on the east end of the economic development area depicted. Please contact me at 404.421.9968 for real estate brokerage services on these properties.

Atlanta Streetcar: forward to the past

Here's what the streetcars that ran on Edgewood Avenue used to look like :

Inman Park Streetcar No. 7

Here's what the new Atlanta Streetcar currently being built at a Sacramento, CA Siemens plant looks like:

This is what the streetcar median stop at Sweet Auburn Curb Market on Edgewood Avenue will look like in the near future:

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Vote Yes for Atlanta BeltLine on July 31


Here in Atlanta, the age of alternative transportation via trails and transit is soon upon us.


Workers are busy constructing The Atlanta Streetcar two blocks to the west of where I sit writing this blog. When fare service begins in early 2013, electric streetcars will begin gliding through the city for the first time since Atlanta’s last streetcar ran on April 10th, 1949. This map shows how extensive the streetcar system was, back in the day:


More on how and why such an extensive system was dismantled in a moment.

The new streetcars will move in a loop from Centenial Park to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Park via Edgewood and Auburn Avenues:

Two blocks to the east of my position is street level access from Irwin Street to the BeltLine Eastside Trail. This 2+ mile project is the first segment of multi-use path and linear greenspace to be built within the old railroad corridor of the planned 22 mile loop. Right-of-way for future streetcars is being preserved in the corridor parallel to the 14 foot wide concrete trail which will be open for use to cyclists, joggers, skaters, and pedestrians in July of 2012.

How long before streetcars run in the BeltLine?  Sooner than you might think. If...

A vetted list of transportation projects will be put to vote by metro Atlanta citizens on July 31, 2012. If the penny sales tax passes, the list allocates $602 million to a transit project that will connect the Atlanta Streetcar to the Eastside Trail. Streetcars will travel north to Piedmont Park and east/west along North Avenue to the Westside corridor, which also has trail. The blue lines on the map below tell the story:

Seems like a logical expenditure of a portion of the Transportation Investment Act dollars given Atlanta’s notorious smog and traffic congestion woes, no? Alas, funding for the BeltLine or any other rail project is vigorously opposed by The Highway Lobby, one of the most powerful lobbies in the U.S., even if it is bundled with other road projects. Their version of the future accepts no competition for the business-as-usual of gasoline-powered automobiles and more road building/widening/repairing, ad infintum. It’s a story that begins way back in 1922. Watch the video below, Taken For a Ride, a documentary about the General Motors Streetcar Scandal. It explains how Atlanta, along with most other cities in the U.S., lost their electric streetcar service, and why we now have the worst public transportation 
and the most highways in the industrialized world. If a little comedy will help swallow this bitter pill, then rent Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

A long-standing love affair with these policies at the local level has resulted in some of Atlanta’s more dubious honors like worst commute and most toxic city in the country. History can be reversed on July 31st. Vote yes for the TIA Referendum, and vote yes for the BeltLine. 

Forward to the Past!

Atlanta's first trolley travels past the Trolley Barn on Edgewood Avenue 

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