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Happy birthday to the world's greatest change agent

Jesus is undisputably the greatest change agent the world has ever known. He changed the world without the Internet, TV, talk radio, government, politics, or technology. The baby we focus on this time of year grew into a man who inspired folks from all walks of life to do a 180 and start following him.
Harmonizing my frequent discussions on walk scores and urban walkability with the reason for the season, I offer my ode to the most excellent pedestrian to ever walk the earth [sung to the tune of "Walking in Your Footsteps" by The Police]:

Walkin’ in His Footsteps

About 2000 years ago
You walked upon this planet so
Now you are Lord of all I see
What is it You see in me?
That you’d ask me to come along
Just like Peter, James and John

And come walkin’ in your footsteps
Walkin’ in your footsteps

Hey there, Mrs. Prejudiced
Why don’t you make a brand new list
Of different people who could be
Growing in your family tree
And treat all colors like you would
If they all lived in your ‘hood

And come walkin’ in His footsteps
Walkin’ in His footsteps

Hey there, Mr. Ambitious
You want the rest to eat your dust
You know that in that Old Rat Race
Rodents always take first place

why not come….

Hey there, Ms. Material Girl
Why don’t you let go of the World
Those things can’t bring you happiness
Give it all to Him then you’ll be blessed


Hey there, Mr. Self-Righteous
Humility would be a plus
If we could pull the mask away
Would you go or would you stay?
And join us on that narrow road
Where Jesus lifts your heavy load


Now we’re here and now it’s time
To search our heart and search our mind
And ask ourselves what He would do
If He was standing in our shoes

And then go….
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