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Blue Man Group on a cooling issue

I feature the Blue Man Group video Up to the Roof at the cistern rainwater harvesting blog. I figure ecohomeguy.com can use some of their unique commentary, too.

Better building performance continues to be key to combating climate change. Meantime, the denial machine is revved to full throttle with elections around the corner. And a new Yale study reveals that 52% of Americans would flunk "Climate 101." Another study shows global warming not so hot with Americans.

All the noise and confusion can bring on fatigue for those who do have a grasp of the issue. It's a message we can't afford to stay uninformed or become lukewarm to.

Can you hear?

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 12:17PM by Registered CommenterBurke Sisco | CommentsPost a Comment

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